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    K Crossing a cruel hand hot, means cruel, unexpectedly from Liu Yu son back oblique knife cut, left never indelible scars for flawless whitening. No the wind! Yu son! Cant react willow lady cannot accept blow. A cry of surprise, earnings weak body is silent the paralysis in the Liu Yunhai generous strong arms. Lady, lady! How so Liu Yunhai could only help Mrs. Liu, quickly called to the human. Suddenly asked, Tianchen the old man body and live points, Liu Yu son back, then jump to Liu Feng side view. Labellum pale, in his fear of fear for his life, he hurriedly will Liu Feng righting, palms gas condensate will really annoy to infuse into, hold his heart vein, to treat his battered body. At this time, in addition to Tianchen old man help Liu Feng luck sound, a time static terrible, even the landing light breeze blowing, leaves all listen to be crystal clear sound. Suddenly, a cool words, with the incomparable murderous look down passing you dare to hurt him! Yu Sheng Mei Leng micro Yang, star from anger, murderous look over the body. Vertical and horizontal Taoist heart a surprised, immediately implies that the black dragon pre emptive who knows the knife shadow shaking, month Yu Sheng has deceit body to the nearest him red dragon, the dragon has not had time to react, the head immediately landing. Blood out withhead drop spraying, spraying in the month Yusheng cold face, his lips with pleasure, look indifferent. At this time of the month Yu Sheng as avatar Kedavra Yama, the body exudes a cold cold breath. Month Yusheng cold hum a voice,

    the hands of inflammation edge revealed Hanguang, flash across, to cut off the black dragon headon black dragon sword Lue to go immediately, after months of homeopathic Yue, Yu Sheng Mei Feng rugulose, build transfer, quick as a flash of lightning, the black dragon cover in a knife shadows. Vertical and horizontal road flyover in watching very clear signs of danger appearing everywhere at this time, the black dragon, dont make moves for Im afraid there will be dangerous, so he suddenly shot, from April Yu Sheng back door attack. The villain! Yu Sheng backhand flick, at the sudden one knife, vertical and horizontal Taoist pole a look, a knife on the existing gap, earthquake inside pain. Month Yu Sheng is still without the slightest fear, against the black dragon and the vertical and horizontal Taoist still feel at ease. The delay will month Yusheng down, vertical and horizontal Taoist gradually or bad single against month Yu Sheng has been inadequate, if coupled with other people, the consequences can be imagined. Vertical and horizontal Taoist evil life, gas accumulation and the right palm,rotary gas out, jump to Tianchen old man behind. Two phase, bang, vertical and horizontal Taoist even back four or five steps, spit blood. Vertical and horizontal Taoist never imagined he would be defeated by an old man on the hand, see his white haired, Xipixiaolian, did not think of the internal force unfathomable, seems at this point do not take life will stop. He saw the volley leap over the wall and escaped. Vertical and horizontal road flyover first

    run away, the dragon is also want to follow to leave, who know the month Yu Sheng has fast step he stopped him, longitudinal knife cut, immediately body separation, Brokeback flew down, such as spray out blood outpouring. The black dragon feels right shoulder pain, pain hard, like a lost dog Voldemort wail, more dead than alive. People at the scene without fear, especially the black dragon six Jiao three others, more like snakes were pegged to the frog, even without all dare not utter a sound, fearing the wrath of the God of death will not be careful, its night. But months Yu Sheng the sunblade still cold freeze people, eyes still icy cold cream, he slowly forward, forcing three people fear the jump, I do not know what to do. The next moment, sunblade disease, as fast as the hawk, a figure in a flash flash into, began to blow, month Yusheng is stuffy to hum a, battered body unable to fall back. Panting, three no one the man thank extremely, look up, the original benefactor for the white haired old man. The old man willow wind Tianchen will stabilise after injury, behind, turned around immediately jumped to month Yu Sheng hand blow, stop him crazy. Things fast people react, Liu palace all all dumbfounded, no response. See what see! Dont hurry up and will master, miss, Yu Sheng up to the room, then the bad guys to take a rope tied up, then clean up here, come on! One, really mad me! Nothing to do, especially if you this smelly boy, give me so much trouble! The original good mood, because so many things happen, make Tianchen

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